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ScC uses a reskinned and reworked version of Floe Chat by Nedry.

IRC, Internet Relay Chat, is a very popular way to communicate with others on the internet.
Even though it's old (1988) it's still used today all over the internet.
Since it's so old most things can be done with commands.

Commands in IRC usually start with / (you can still start sentences with / by holding down
shift when you press enter to send)

Beginners command list

Command Function
/help Lists a few usable commands
/query <nick> Opens a 1 on 1 chat with <nick>
/nick <new nick>
Change your nick to <new nick>
/msg <nick> <message> Sends <nick> a message without opening a chat
/server <server address> Joins a server. By default you join, which
has the #teamliquid channel.
/join #channel

Joins a chat channel. If the channel doesn't exsist
it is created and you're made op (operator) of it.

Whenever a channel is empty it gets deleted.

/topic Shows the channel topic. This also shows when joining a channel
and in the titlebar of ScCflow (although it's usually too long)

More then one server

If you want to be connected to several servers right click on an open server tab
and choose "new server tab". Join a server with /server <server address>






Right click on a tab and choose detach for a nice small window to keep alongside
others in your multitasking world.





Tab auto-completes

You don't actually have to type nicks, if you start typing one you can
tab though all possible (online) nicks.
For example, if you type [ScC] and tab you can see if any ScC staff is in
the channel.


If you want certain blocks of text highlighted (and give off a sound) you can
put those in the "Attention regex patterns" box (settings>formatting).
This could be alternative nicks or interesting topics.

Webchat look

If you don't like the seperator between nicks and text, turn off
"tabular view" (settings>formatting)


Pressing control+k and a number between 0-15 changes the colour of your text.
0 white
1 black
2 blue (navy)
3 green
4 red
5 brown (maroon)
6 purple
7 orange (olive)
8 yellow
9 light green (lime)
10 teal (a green/blue cyan)
11 light cyan (cyan) (aqua)
12 light blue (royal)
13 pink (light purple) (fuchsia)
14 grey
15 light grey (silver)
This can be blocked. It is in #teamliquid for example.








Stream irc

The stream providers use IRC for their chat (except livestream..)
Open a new server tab and join the right server below (/server #servername):
Under "User Information" set your nick to the nick you have on Choose "Servers" from the list on the left. Click "Add." Enter<channel> as the IRC Server and in the "Password" box enter the same password you use for in your web browser. Click "Add." Click "Connect on startup." Restart ScCFloe. Now you can join <channel> and chat (/join <channel>). You can also add that in the script for when it connects. are using some funky scripts that MAY CRASH FLOE

Ustream: (chat02 etc)
Once you joined the server, type /nick <nick>:<password> (for your account) to log on.

Own3d: (connected to by default)

Then join the streams channel like any other: /join #[channelname]
/join #sjow

No more webirc!

Other useful tips

Double click on a username brings up 1 on 1 chat.
Right click on a username for more options.










All windows can be resized by dragging the corners.
Your recent messages can be browsed through with up/down arrow keys
for easy access.

Stream player not working, I have chrome installed


1. Open a new tab in Chrome. Type in:
into the address bar, hit enter, find Flash Player.
If you click the + Details button in the upper right of the page, and Flash Player only lists "gcswf32.dll" as the plugin file, then you don't have the Flash plugin installed.

2. From that Plugins page, disable Flash, and then navigate to

If the native flash player is still enabled, it will just say "Chrome comes with Flash, so use that ok?", but with it disabled it will let you download and install the latest version.

3. Go through the flash install process there - once done, check the plugins screen, and you should notice that Flash now says (2 files) next to it, and has two listings when you click the + Details button. You can now disable the listing for "\NPSWF32.dll", and re-enable the listing for "gcswf32.dll", to use the built-in flash player for Chrome again.

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